Need Help enrolling into a healthcare plan?

We can help you…

  • Fill out and submit applications for the Oregon Health Plan.
  • Fill out and submit applications for the CAWEM.
  • Fill out and submit applications for the Federal Market Place with possible cost-reductions.
  • Apply for assistance paying your premiums through our Premium Assistance program.

To begin the health insurance enrollment process and learn what programs you qualify for, go to one of our enrollment locations (click the button below for  a schedule) or contact our Outreach Enrollment Access team directly at 503.345.7031. 


Click Here for an easy, printable list of materials to bring when meeting with one of our assisters.

Did your assister ask you to fill out an online consent form? If so, click here.


Unable to get to one of these locations during the time listed? Click here to find an Assister near you.

Need healthcare but DON’T qualify for affordable health insurance?

You may qualify for donated healthcare through our Classic program.

If you are already connected to one of our referring partners, they can refer you to Project Access NOW for services for which you qualify.

If you don’t currently have a clinic you regularly visit, contact one of our referring partners. They can connect you with the free or low-cost services they provide as well as refer you to Project Access NOW if necessary.

See a complete list of our referring partner clinics by clicking the button below.



For program assistance, please call 503.345.6574, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.