Our 2019-2020 Annual Report

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The last fifteen months have been a difficult time in our country, in our state and our city. Increasingly apparent are the health inequities facing our communities as a result of the global pandemic, centuries of institutional racism, and more recently fires and ice storms caused by our warming planet.

During this time Project Access NOW has remained a pillar for so many in our community. With a mission to improve our communities’ health and well-being by creating access to care, services, and resources for those most in need, PANOW continues to stably offer a suite of programs relied upon by thousands of Oregonians. As you’ll see in our newly released annual report, over the last year…

  • We moved more than 200 clients from donated care to insurance, creating capacity for others who need donated care and those who do not qualify for health insurance.
  • We filled 17,118 low-cost prescriptions, totaling $2,705,778 in savings for low-income patients.
  • We paid $963,098 in medical premiums, insuring 737 individuals from 550 households.
  • We enrolled 7,556 individuals in health coverage and provided 4,919 instances of health care system navigation assistance (representing about 5,764 people when accounting for their dependents and families).
  • We responded to 19,543 requests from the health systems for navigation assistance, aiding 10,902 clients in getting access to basic services such as emergency housing, transportation, and food.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in spring 2020, PANOW has continued to be at the frontlines of an evolving response. As an organization that works with multiple Oregon health care providers, we are a key point of connection between medical providers, community members, government agencies, health care insurers, and others to identify and fill gaps in service and care. Over the past year, we helped distribute $1.1 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds directly to the community during the pandemic and have been a critical access point for information about the virus, especially for underserved communities.

As we embark on a new year and new chapter, I would be remiss without acknowledging that April 1st (no joke!) marks Janet Hamilton’s departure from Project Access NOW. Janet signaled to the Board almost two years ago her desire to step down from a leadership role, and yet she has stayed on to support as the new leadership team took shape. We are thrilled to support Janet’s transition at the end of March to an early, interim, retirement phase of life while she attends to personal family matters and charts her next chapter as the Fomenter of Creative Chaos.

Finally, if you didn’t catch our recent announcement, PANOW is now hiring a Director of Equity and Advocacy.  

Learn more and apply at: www.projectaccessnow.org/about-us/employment-opportunities

Looking forward to our work ahead together!







Carly Hood-Ronick

Executive Director

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