Mission: the mission of Project Access NOW is to improve the health of our community by creating access to care and services for those most in need.

Values: We share a collective responsibility as we strive to make each day and each action count in service of our mission through the following values:

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity

We honor the fundamental value and dignity of all who we work with and serve. We strive to create an environment that respects and includes diverse perspectives, traditions and experiences. We commit to furthering equity throughout our organization.


Our success depends on the contributions of each team member. We honor and care for one another as a community and celebrate our individual and collective accomplishments.

Flexibility and Resilience

We are adaptive and resilient as we encounter changing circumstances. We seek and embrace new ideas with enthusiasm and draw on the strength of our diversity for solutions that are enterprising and dynamic.

Transparency in Leadership

We listen with intention to understand, providing timely and open communication about organizational decisions. We strive to build an inclusive organization in which leadership actively seeks staff engagement and input.

Creativity and Innovation

As a growing organization, we nurture an environment where creativity, persistence, risk-taking, patience, caring, and the desire to contribute are encouraged and embraced.