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Caralee’s Story

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Caralee, like many of our clients, came to us with a problem that had a simple solution, it just happened to be a solution that was impossible for her to access on her own.

Caralee takes Coumadin, a prescription blood-thinner that keeps blood clots from forming in her body that could lead to sudden strokes, heart attacks, or other frightening complications. She’s taken it for years and been able to afford it because, for years, her customer service job paid her just little enough that she qualified for free health insurance under the Oregon Health Plan. But when her income changed in October of 2016, she was informed that she now made too much to qualify for OHP, ending her coverage. The only problem was, she still made nowhere near enough to pay for private health insurance that would cover her Coumadin prescription.

“I basically walked around living my life in panic-attack for the first week [after my Coumadin ran out,]” says Caralee. “I made an appointment with the local DHS to ‘explore solutions’ but, of course, the day of my appointment, I woke up with a nosebleed. I walked into that office crying, scared, and with no idea if I was about to die or not.”

At the DHS office was where Caralee learned about Project Access NOW.

“They connected me to [Project Access NOW Application Assister] Rusty, who was amazing. He treated me a like a person, listened, stayed positive, and basically kept me from giving up.”

Rusty was able to enroll Caralee in Project Access NOW’s Premium Assistance Program that helps people who make too much to qualify for OHP but not enough to afford their private health insurance pay their premiums and access the care they need.

As a Premium Assistance client, Caralee is now once again financially stable, back on Coumadin, and able to keep working and live her life.

“Without Project Access NOW, I could easily have died by now. Thank you Rusty and Project Access NOW.”

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