Community Pathways Network

The Community Pathways Network (CPN) is a collaboration between Project Access NOW and our program community partners. Our mission is to support healthy and resilient communities across the three counties of the Portland Metropolitan Area.

It’s Good for Families

Based on the Pathways Community HUB national model, the Community Pathways Network works to improve access to health and social services.

Using this model, families are supported by a navigator who connects clients with services to benefit the individual and family. The model incentivizes collaboration between established service providers by educating the network of navigators about the services and specialties of each partner organization.

[Our navigator] is always checking on me, my health, making sure that doctors are doing what they need to do.
Community Pathways Network client

With a “no wrong door” policy, families can easily access Community Pathways Network resources by connecting with any of the network’s service providers without needing to repeat each provider’s individual intake process.

With client consent, the navigator ensures that the family’s information is entered into a database that is accessible to partnering organizations and works directly with the entire family to create a plan for holistic care and support.

It’s Good for Partners

Community Pathways Network partnering organizations accomplish more together than any one could independently.

The network utilizes a shared database with standard measurement tools to track system-wide success. Navigators have a broad-based understanding of community resources and are eager to use a larger pool of resources to help clients succeed.

By investing resources into the shared infrastructure, partner organizations can ultimately create more efficient use of funds by streamlining the referral process and lightening the administrative load across organizations. By joining the Community Pathways Network, organizations can make a larger and measurable impact on individual, family, and community success.

It’s Good for Funders

The Community Pathways Network offers a unique service infrastructure to better support a diverse range of needs for families in the Portland Metropolitan Area.

It offers accountability to the funder and a better return on funding through measured results. Unlike most programs, Community Pathways Network’s funding streams are based on achievement of both smaller client benchmarks, as well as longer-term outcomes.

Funders of the Community Pathways Network are ensuring their support of partnering organizations is allocated toward positive outcomes for families. Their donations go toward improving the lives of families through an incentivized system of cross-sector collaboration, which breaks down the silos that have often separated service providers in the past. This infrastructure is a more efficient use of funds; by streamlining administrative procedures and reducing redundancies across organizations to free up time and money that can be put towards helping more families.