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Jamie’s Story: A Financial Peace of Mind

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Jamie N. is a client of the Outreach, Enrollment, and Access and Premium Assistance programs. She lives in Portland.


Four years ago I had to go to the emergency room. I didn’t have any health insurance. I wait tables for a living so I couldn’t afford the bill. But staff at the finance department were very helpful: they helped me with the bill and gave me contact information for Project Access NOW.

I set up an appointment with Ranisha who asked about my finances and told me I would qualify. Then she helped me sign up for the federal Marketplace health insurance, I’m on a Silver Plan.

Project Access NOW has helped me have a financial peace of mind.
Jamie N.

I’ve been renewing every year, and Project Access NOW helps take care of my premiums. They’ve been so wonderful, always ready to answer questions or call me back… I love them. It’s also nice to talk to the same person every year, Ranisha is lovely.

The process has been smooth. The first year it took a little longer but the renewals are always pretty quick.

At a recent check-up I found out I had additional health issues I wasn’t aware of. I had to undergo a lot of tests and see specialists. Having health insurance was amazing. And my out-of-pocket expenses were all written off and some of the care donated, after the insurance adjustment. Luckily I didn’t have to get any procedures done, but I’ve made lifestyle changes to get the issues under control.

Project Access NOW has helped me have a financial peace of mind. If it weren’t for them, my premiums would be astronomical, even with the support the Affordable Care Act provides. Financially it would just be a choke hold detrimental to my health. Not having to come up with that amount every month has meant so much to me. I am able to get regular check-ups to see how things are going. It’s just huge.

I have so many friends in the restaurant industry who go without insurance and pay the penalty instead. I’ve told everyone to contact Project Access NOW, especially the ones who have issues they should get taken care of but they just bite the bullet and go without.

A few of my friends do have coverage but it’s their parents who pay it for them. So for me, in a way Project Access NOW is like my parents.

(March 2019)

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