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As the novel coronavirus spreads around the world, Project Access NOW is on the frontlines of the response – finding real-time solutions to unprecedented challenges.

Though during this global pandemic none are spared, the dire economic, health, and social effects of COVID-19 are disproportionately affecting those most vulnerable in our community. Our response remains swift and fierce.

Available hospital beds are the difference between life or death for thousandswe are partnering with regional health systems to avoid unnecessary delays and to help patients get discharged safely.

Many are losing their jobs and their health insurancewe are helping community members navigate the Oregon Health Plan and Marketplace and find affordable care.

Information is changing day by day or hour by hourour tri-lingual team is translating key messaging into Spanish and Russian to reach more members of our shared community.

What has our work meant – just in the last week?

  • A single dad, laid off from the devastated restaurant industry, was able to access health insurance for him and his young daughter.
  • A houseless patient received housing at a local hotel after being discharged from a local hospital. After testing positive for COVID-19, our team intervened to assure delivery of healthcare and facilitate a quarantine.
  • A Spanish-speaking mother (along with 22,000 others) viewed a resource video and learned more about getting healthcare for her and her family (via TV JAM).
  • A low-income senior, though ready to be discharged from the hospital, had no transportation or food to go home to, preventing him from leaving. We connected him to both and facilitated a healthy transition out of the hospital to free up much needed resources.
  • A local small business owner, faced with the heart-wrenching decision to lay off workers, was connected with resources to help employees access health insurance.

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We are seeking your help to fund the next three months of heightened program response, during which our frontline fight against the virus will make the most impact.

While all our lives have been impacted by COVID-19, those most vulnerable in our community are disproportionately at risk. Thank you for your compassion, care, and generosity.


Tim Hatfield, Board Chair
Project Access NOW

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