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Ramon’s Story

By November 14, 2017 No Comments

When doctors at OHSU’s Casey Eye Institute removed the pads from Ramon’s eyes following his glaucoma treatment, the first thing he saw was his adult son who had driven him to the visit. It was the first time Ramon had seen his son’s face clearly in several years.

“I felt very emotional,” Ramon says, “and to be honest, I cried.”

Ramon, who immigrated to the US from Mexico several decades ago, now lives in Tigard with his family where he manages a grocery store. While his vision problems finally began to endanger his job last spring, he sought help at the SW Community Health Center, where he was diagnosed with glaucoma and promptly referred to Project Access NOW.

With the help of Project Access NOW’s Classic Program, Ramon was approved for donated care at the Casey Eye Institute where his glaucoma was treated non-invasively, meaning his quick recovery wouldn’t require him to quit his job which offered him very little time off.  The process cost Ramon and his family nothing and left him with his vision restored, his job intact, and his outlook on the future newly optimistic.

“I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your help,” says Ramon now. “Thank God for the doctors and for Project Access NOW.”

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