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Monica’s Story

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CLIENT MonicaMonica felt ill and had so much pain after she ate she could barely walk. A visit to the Essential Health Clinic revealed her need for further testing to determine the cause. Because Monica was unable to work and lacked health insurance, Essential Health Clinic referred her to Project Access NOW for help. A Project Access NOW care coordinator arranged for tests at Tuality Hospital, which revealed that Monica was suffering from a post-operative peri-umbilical hernia, the result of a prior cesarean section. Adding to her pain was the discovery of gall stones. Monica was connected with general surgeon Dr. Patrick O’Leary, who performed surgery to correct both conditions.

Monica says Project Access NOW was “a life saver,” Dr. O’Leary is “amazing and extraordinary,” and that “the world is a better place because of people like him and everyone at Project Access NOW.”

Monica’s life changed in many ways following the surgery. She was able to walk pain free again and could look for work as a graphic artist. She has been able to be so much more productive now and recently even presented an exhibition of her artwork.

Monica would like the volunteer providers and everyone affiliated with Project Access NOW to know how positively they impact the lives of the people they serve.

“They provide the opportunity to start life again, to allow people to be the best that they can. When you are healthy and happy, you have the opportunity to help others. It’s just wonderful and I am very grateful.”

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