“What If…”: A Vision of Network of Networks

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RCHN Logo ColorAs they try to get their life together and move forward, the most vulnerable people in our community have to jump through multiple hoops to provide for their families. In every sector—food, healthcare, housing, justice, schooling, transportation—they deal with a different case manager and separate sets of rules and regulations.

In other words, the people who need the most support face the greatest obstacles to receiving it. This is not only overwhelming but also traumatic. It’s also a waste of money.

What if, instead of the family having to jump through hoop after hoop on their own, the services came to them? What if each family had a single person supporting them to connect with all the services they need across all the sectors?

That, in short, is the vision of the Regional Community Health Network—a network of networks we’re creating to align many disparate existing efforts into a coordinated approach to actually improve community health and equity.

We have our work cut out for us.

Building on our strength as network coordinators, we cannot do this work alone. Just as the services our clients need are interconnected, Project Access NOW is building, aligning and connecting with a number of collaborations across the Portland Metro region. We invite you to be a part of this effort and be informed of our progress:

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