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Noe’s Story

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Noe and Kim

Noe and Kim

The soreness and cramps in his groin, buttocks and legs were so debilitating for Noe, he was unable to stand up straight or to move in and out of cars as he was required to do in his job as a car salesman. So he had to stop working. With no job and no health insurance, Noe and his wife Kim weren’t sure where to turn.

They learned about The Wallace Medical Concern and went to the clinic for help. The team at Wallace referred Noe to Project Access NOW to help arrange for an MRI. The results revealed Noe had spinal stenosis. Physical therapy was not successful and it was determined that he needed to have surgery. Project Access NOW then connected Noe to microneurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Sandquist, of The Oregon Clinic.

Noe had surgery to correct the spinal stenosis in November of 2012. He quickly began to feel much better. He could stand upright and move freely and was soon able to return to work. He started out gradually and over several weeks was able to return to a full time work schedule.

Noe is glad to be back to work and can now enjoy spending time playing with his young grandson free of pain. He is grateful for the help he received from The Wallace Medical Concern, Project Access NOW and Dr. Sandquist.

“I feel so much better. It’s like a miracle,” he says. “Everyone along the way has been so helpful. They really seemed to care about me. I don’t know what I would have done if it had not been for Project Access NOW.”

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