Outreach, Enrollment & Access

An important part of our mission is working to get everyone who qualifies enrolled in and able to use their health insurance. In January of 2015, we started a pilot project to provide outreach and health insurance enrollment services with a focus on low-income families. This pilot grew to become our Outreach, Enrollment & Access program (OEA).

Our team of certified application assisters works at various community sites around the Portland Metro tri-county area and Yamhill county to help families and individuals enroll in the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and Qualified Health Plans (QHP) with a special focus on low-income people who may not realize they qualify for health insurance or face too many barriers to sign up without help.

The Outreach, Enrollment & Access program also provides Premium Assistance resources for a limited number of clients who earn too much money to qualify for OHP but too little to be able to afford the premiums and out-of-pocket costs associated with their marketplace health insurance plan. Our Premium Assistance clients earn below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level and qualify for a tax credit through the Federal Marketplace. Project Access NOW leverages their tax credit to offset their premium costs and pays the remaining balance ourselves. Clients’ deductible and co-pays may also be reduced depending on where they receive services.

Since its inception, OEA and Premium Assistance have assisted over 50,000 households in applying for health insurance through OHP and the Federal Marketplace. To assure that people can actually use the coverage they have, we’re also proud to offer health literacy and navigation services.

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