Project Access NOW Response to COVID-19

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As the impact of COVID-19 unfolds, we want to keep you informed about our efforts to serve the most vulnerable members of our community.

We are all affected by COVID-19 on many levels: we are experiencing heightened anxiety regarding our health, our social interactions have changed, and our finances and jobs have undoubtedly been impacted.

In the midst of our own personal response, I invite you to consider those who are most negatively impacted in any time of crisis – the many low-income and marginalized in our community. Project Access NOW, in partnership with many other service agencies, is responding to those most in need.

Project Access NOW in the community:

  • Through our expanded C3 Community Assistance Program we are supporting the safe and secure discharge from area hospitals to ensure enough hospital-based resources for those impacted by COVID-19.
  • Our C3 Community Assistance Program ensures low-income community members have their basic needs met to facilitate a safe and successful transition out of the hospital. This includes transportation, food, housing assistance, medication and more.
  • Our bilingual team members are making extra efforts to reach communities where English is not a primary language with up-to-date information and resource assistance.
  • We are partnering with the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) to refer clients, and our Outreach, Enrollment and Assistance Program continues to help Oregonians sign up for and utilize healthcare.
  • We continue to be a source of information for our clients, partners and vendors – helping to disseminate critical, real-time information about the virus and how to access critical services.
  • With collaboration at our core, we continue all of the above work through our many regional health systems partners to reach those most at-risk in our community.

How our internal operations are shifting:

  • We are committed to continuing to provide exemplary services during this time. Our programs are now remote but still operational. Updates specific to each program can be found on our program-specific webpages at:
  • Each program is implementing telephone and remote adaptations of all outreach work, which will continue to develop in the coming weeks. For the time being, Project Access NOW will maintain regular business hours and will stagger staff time if office work is necessary.
  • We are encouraging everyone to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus. This and other updates will be available at our website at:
  • Canceling our Fundraising Gala last week was necessary but has harmed our finances. Please stay tuned for an online auction in the near future, to raise funds for our efforts to respond to COVID-19.

For assistance, we can be reached at (503) 345-6553 or

Additionally, please make sure to subscribe to our social channels ( and to receive the most up-to-date information as the situation unfolds.

We are navigating our response to COVID-19. In the midst of our own response to the situation, we invite you to consider those who are most in need during this time of crisis.

Thank you for supporting our efforts in any way you can. In times of crisis, cooperation and compassion matter.


Tim Hatfield, Chair

Project Access Now Board of Directors

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