Regional Community Health Network (RCHN)

Vision and Overarching Goal

The Regional Community Health Network (RCHN) coordinates services to improve health and increase equity in the tri-county region. The RCHN seeks to create an integrated system of services to ensure that individuals and families have stable and consistent access to health care, social services and other resources necessary to create healthy communities.

Project Summary

A high-functioning RCHN is potentially transformative for community health and well-being. The innovation–and most difficult work–is connecting, aligning and expanding existing initiatives to address the social determinants of health in multiple sectors with the result of better outcomes for families and individuals. The RCHN is a “network of networks” and will encompass multiple strategies, initiatives and models. The RCHN already is building on and coordinating with existing efforts, such as the Community Pathways Network, the Oregon Community Health Worker Association and the Help Me Grow Network.

The RCHN recognizes that there is no singular path to “best” address the social determinants of health. The diversity of the tri-county region and the complexity and depth of community needs require multiple approaches. The RCHN seeks to create a framework for coordination and collaboration and to leverage existing resources to achieve better outcomes. Numerous stakeholders and organizations are involved in a multitude of efforts–the unique value of the RCHN is to create linkages and to build in appropriate evaluation processes to ensure a cycle of continuous quality improvement.

Products and Services

The Regional Community Health Network has multiple features that, combined, creates a coordinated and comprehensive network that breaks down silos and puts individuals and families at the center of systems. Key components of the Network include:

  • Beta Community Health Record>
  • Cross Sector Bridge
  • Social Determinants of Health Referral Mechanism: Closed Loop
  • Service Connection Outcomes and Value-Based Payment
  • Real-Time Community Resource Directory

The long-term goals of the RCHN are straightforward–improved community health, reduction in disparities and cost savings across sectors. With focus and intention, cooperation and collaboration, the RCHN can positively impact the health and well-being of vulnerable families and individuals across the tri-county region, while streamlining services and reducing costs.