Statement from the Executive Director regarding the leaked Roe V Wade U.S. Supreme Court opinion

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We at Project Access NOW strongly condemn the leaked Supreme Court opinion striking down Roe v Wade, a decision that has protected the health of American women since 1973.  

Our organization serves 20,000 individuals each year, many of whom have very low incomes, are recent immigrants, speak English as a second language, face discrimination as a person of color, are disabled, or do not have access to health insurance due to their immigration status. While the Supreme Court’s ruling affects us all, it is the most vulnerable in our community who are the most harmed.  

The implications of this are clear, particularly along class and racial lines. According to a 2021 survey by the New York Times, “about half of women who had an abortion in 2014 were below the poverty line, with another quarter very close to poverty.” Low-income women are more than five times as likely than affluent women to experience an unintended pregnancy, in part because women with higher incomes have both access to affordable health care and birth control as well as means to care for one or more children. Women of higher incomes also have the means to travel to seek a safe abortion and are less likely to resort to unsafe means to achieve such an outcome. Abortion access has been shown to correlate with greater educational and career opportunity, especially for Black women, and abortion access increases women’s participation in the workforce. Black and Latina women experience lower rates of prenatal care, are more likely to experience preterm birth, and are more likely to die through pregnancy and childbirth. We cannot exclude the class and racial equity implications that result from our collective health policy decisions. And these decisions last generations… children who are planned are more likely to have positive educational and economic outcomes themselves, meaning the effect of limiting abortion solidifies poverty and inequity across generations.  

We stand by Oregon abortion providers who provide an important and necessary service in our state. We stand by health advocates who fight every day for health care access in this and other realms. We stand by our clients for who deserve equitable health care access – including contraceptive and abortion services – as a basic human right.  

We urge Congress to act now regarding this important issue and ask community members – especially those with the privilege of adequate health care access – to consider what steps they may take to protect the most vulnerable in our state.  

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