Our Board of Directors

Organizations thrive because of vision and leadership. Project Access NOW is proud to be actively engaged in improving community health & equity for more than 11 years in our community.  With Representatives from business, health care, and community, the Board of Directors of Project Access NOW continues to evolve and strengthen its leadership to support the organization and the community it serves as. There are many opportunities ahead of us and this Board of Directors is passionately engaged in living out the mission of Project Access NOW.
Front Row Left to Right: Tim Hatfield, Marianne Baca, Dianne Danowski-Smith, Erin Fair-Taylor, Carly Hood-Ronick, Adrienne Buesa
Back Row: Jennie Leslie, Janet Hamilton, Caryl Fairbrother, Katie Iverson, Linda Nilsen, Olga Gerberg, Joe Ichter, Pam Mariea- Nason, Marie Napolitano
Not pictured: Adam Nemer, Leigh Wilson, David Fuks