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We aim to improve our communities’ health and well-being by creating access to care, services, and resources for those in need.

  • 80% of clients are immigrants, people of color, and/or speak English as a second language.​
  • More than 1,700 hospital days are avoided annually because patients have the support need to leave the hospital.
  • $80 million in donated health care and $16 million in health-related spending has been distributed since 2007.
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How We Help

Our diverse staff strives to act as a “safety net to the safety net” increasing access to health care and social services across Oregon.

Donated Health Care

We manage a network of volunteer providers that treat uninsured clients after they are referred by their primary care provider.

Pharmacy Bridge

We partner with Providence which allows our clients to access vital medications at affordable prices (usually $0-$4 copay).

Enrollment & Health Coverage Support

We support enrollment in a range of health insurance options, ensuring those options remain affordable.

Social Support & Services

We are proud to partner with more than 200 partners statewide to offer vital non medical support.

“Finding this program was a blessing to us. They've helped us a lot. We're always appreciative of Project Access NOW because they have never let us down. They've helped us each and every time.”

Neptalima LemusProject Access NOW Client

“It’s socially responsible for us as physicians to try to get as many people as possible the care they need...So when a colleague told me the Clinic would join the program, I was happy to sign on as well.”

Dr. Ehud ZusmanDoctor, The Portland Clinic


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