Volunteer as a Health Care Provider

Volunteering with Project Access allows you to donate care to the uninsured in a way that is organized, equitable, and safe.

We will quantify and coordinate the donated care you may already be providing, enabling you to focus on treating patients, regardless of their coverage status or income. We take care of all the administration so you can focus on care.

When you serve as a volunteer health care provider for Project Access NOW, the patients we connect you with will have access to medications, hospitalizations, lab testing, diagnostic imaging, interpretive services/translation, and more.

The Project Access system allows you to order tests, schedule hospitalizations, and care for your uninsured and low-income patients in a manner very similar to that of your covered patients, without extraordinary measures, creating a stigma-free way for our community to get care.

Project Access NOW allows me to do what I trained to do: take care of patients. Together, we’re helping fellow Oregonians in a caring and efficient manner. Many patients need help today, and Project Access NOW is providing it.
Katherine Morris, MD

Volunteer as a Community Member

Share the gift of your talents and time as a Project Access NOW Community Volunteer and make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and the health of our community.

Whether helping at our events, assisting our staff in the office, evaluating our programs, or serving on one of our committees, our volunteers are critical to the success of our work.