Our Mission

To improve our communities’ health and well-being by creating access to care, services, and resources for those in need.

Our Vision

Health for all through equitable access and systemic change.

Our Core Values


Community Engagement

Inclusion, Equity,
& Diversity



Social Justice

What Makes Us Unique

We drive regional, whole-person care

We deliver person-centered care and social service navigation, connecting individuals to health-promoting resources. We offer safe, confidential and interpersonal health-promoting services including access to insurance, health, and social services in combination with health education.

We promote health system cost efficiency

We provide a space for all health system partners to collaborate, designing services that allow for safe and secure discharge from hospitals, encourage primary care utilization and medication adherence, and avoid unnecessary hospital stays and readmissions.

We provide culturally relevant services

Our trusted staff reflect the communities we serve, offering culturally and linguistically responsive support and outreach that is respectful of the diversity each individual offers our community.

Our programs are “shovel ready”

We provide a comprehensive suite of programs that act as unique pathways to ignite innovations or support emergent community needs, such as COVID-19 relief or Oregon wildfire support. We are ready to respond, whenever the need arises.

We advocate for systems change

We recognize that health care is only part of what drives wellbeing, so we partner with our clients, health systems, funders, and community-based organizations to advocate for the upstream policy changes, programs, and investments that keep people out of the hospital in the first place.

Our Strategies

Broaden and expand our services

Deepen, strengthen, and articulate the services we offer, focusing on new partnerships, cross-program integration, and serving additional populations.

Reflect and amplify our commitment to community voice

Grow as an inclusive, equity-centered organization, using data to make program decisions and advocating for equity and social justice in our region and state.

Collaborate and innovate to address the social barriers that impact health

Utilize programs to support individual client non-medical needs while simultaneously engaging in community and state decision-making to promote health through upstream strategies.

Strengthen and reinforce our operations, culture, and long-term sustainability

Grow and diversify funding and promote a healthy, anti-racist and effective workplace culture.

Project Access NOW is located in Portland, Oregon in Multnomah County. We honor the Indigenous people whose traditional and ancestral homelands we stand on—the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Tumwater, Watlala bands of the Chinook, the Tualatin Kalapuya, and many other indigenous nations of the Columbia River. We acknowledge that the health care system has played a role in the oppression of Indigenous peoples. We commit to ongoing learning about the impact of colonization on health and wellbeing and to meaningful action that reverses health inequities.

Graphic of the state of Oregon