Welcome, Omar Al Rais

Welcome, Omar Al Rais

Jan 23, 2023
Omar Al Rais - Vice President of Operations - Project Access NOW - Portland, OR

Where are you coming to Project Access NOW from?

I’m joining Project Access NOW (PANOW) from Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon (PPSO), where I had the honor to serve as the Director of Affiliate Quality and Compliance, Compliance Officer, and HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer. I’m looking forward to carrying the knowledge I gained with PPSO into this next career phase.

I’m committed to eliminating health disparities, utilizing past medical experience to help underserved and at-risk populations overcome barriers to equitable healthcare, and serving PANOW’s mission.

Why are you excited about joining the PANOW team?

I’m excited to join PANOW in its commitment to improving communities’ health and well-being. PANOW addresses communities’ needs and closes gaps to ensure no Oregonians are left behind in accessing quality care and connecting with resources.

Joining PANOW also has personal meaning for me. As a member of an immigrant family, I have first-hand experience navigating barriers to affordable care for those most important to me.

What do you see as the organization’s greatest opportunity?

I believe the people who work every day to serve PANOW’s mission are its greatest asset and opportunity as they ensure the organization keeps an accelerated growth momentum, responds to challenges/needs in a disruptive innovative fashion, expands to more care providers and resources within our communities, and leads racial justice and equity work. Another great opportunity for PANOW is amplifying the organization’s advocacy efforts to address disparities within our communities in health, health care outcomes, housing, and mental health care.

What brings you joy?

I’m grateful for many things that bring me joy throughout my day. Being with family and friends and spending time with my nephew always brings me joy. I’m privileged to be able to serve and give back to my community; this keeps me motivated, grounded, and connected to my values.

Thank you, Omar! Welcome to the team!