Our Mission

To improve our communities’ health and well-being by creating access to care, services, and resources for those in need.

Our Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Community engagement
  • Inclusion, equity and diversity
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Social justice

Our Strategies

  • Connect low-income, uninsured clients to the donated primary and specialty care they need.
  • Pay health insurance premiums for people who qualify for coverage under the Affordable Care Act but can’t afford the expenses necessary to access their care.
  • Connect low-income people being discharged from the hospital to resources such as transportation, car seats, and temporary housing to help them get home safely and more easily access follow-up care.

Our strategies have a proven track-record of success, as evidenced by the expanding list of partners and stakeholders who see the positive effects of our initiatives and value our contribution to community health.

Policy Priorities

1) Access to Care

2) Medicaid Flexibility

3) Housing

4) Social Care (CIE)

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