2022 - 2023 Annual Report

Inspiring Our Work

Explore stories of our work with clients and with our providers.

"A lot of people have to navigate the system, go through lists of options, and make their selections… It’s not that simple. Project Access NOW helps make it happen. Staff were very easy to deal with, and what an interesting, diverse group of people!"

Michael B.

Project Access NOW Client

"I love the work I do, it’s why I get up in the morning and I would love to do even more work with Project Access NOW."
Dr. Jennie Leslie - Project Access NOW - Donated Care Provider

Jennie Leslie, M.D.

Provider, OHSU

"Finding this program was a blessing to us. They've helped us a lot. We're always appreciative of Project Access NOW because they have never let us down. They've helped us each and every time."
Client Stories client image

Neptalima L.

Project Access NOW Client

"I believe in providing the same quality healthcare to people who have insurance and the ability to pay as to those who don’t. Since our healthcare system doesn’t always equalize, the onus is on us."
Dr. Curtis Thompson - Project Access NOW Provider, Portland, OR

Dr. Curtis Thompson

Provider, CTA Lab

"Project Access NOW saved me. The program allowed me to get back to a regular routine with my doctor to keep the illness arrested. I am now again blessed with a support system of a health provider without the burden of a monthly premium."
Craig W. - Project Access NOW Client - Portland, OR

Craig W.

Project Access NOW Client

"It’s socially responsible for us as physicians to try to get as many people as possible the care they need...So when a colleague told me the Clinic would join the program, I was happy to sign on as well."
Dr. Ehud Zusman - Donated Care Provider - Project Access NOW - Portland, OR

Dr. Ehud Zusman

Provider, The Portland Clinic

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